Copy of an act of ownership (from cadastral references)

Delivery period: 10-20 working days

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Obtain a copy of an act of ownership (from the cadastral references of a parcel):

You want to obtain title to a property or a copy of an act. Following his loss, would you like to obtain a copy of a notarial deed?

On a deed of property, the following elements appear:

- Name of the last owner (and precedents in some cases).

- Description of the property

- Buying price

- Servitudes affecting the property

- Servitudes benefiting the property

- Origin of property

If you wish to obtain a copy of an act, title deed, you must provide the following information:

    - department,

    - name of the municipality,

    - sections and cadastral numbers or, failing that, mailing address of the property.

(to be filled at the time of the order in the comment field).

After confirming your order, we will contact you to organize your search.

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