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The land advertisement was organized in France by the decree of 4 January 1955, which provides in particular that:

For each municipality, the custodians of the mortgages must keep a real estate file on which, as and when deposits are registered, under the name of each owner, and, by building, extracts from published documents, with reference to their classification in the archives. The real estate file presents, as it results from the published documents, the current legal situation of the buildings.

According to article 2449 of the civil code:

The custodians of mortgages are bound to issue, to all those who request it, a copy or extract of documents, other than the registration slips, deposited in their office for the fifty years preceding the one of the requisition, and copy or extract remaining entries or certificate that there is no document or registration falling within the scope of the requisition. They are also required to issue, on request, within ten days, copies or extracts of the real estate file or certificate that there is no sheet within the scope of the requisition.

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