How to obtain cadastral references?

Before a search for a real estate or for obtaining a copy of an act, it is necessary to determine the cadastral references of the property object of the searches. For this, the simplest is to use the website of the cadastre service:

From a search on the address of the property, you will be able to determine the cadastral references which consist of the following elements:

The section :

This is the section containing the parcel. It usually consists of one or two letters (for example: AB, A, ZD, UY etc ...). But sometimes it can be a number, especially in Alsace / Moselle (for example: 24, 26 etc ...)

The parcel number:

By section, the parcel number is unique (two parcels of the same section can not have the same number).

In general, it is between 1 and 9999. Do not confuse, the parcel number is the street number. If on the cadastral plan the street numbers are shown, they will be indicated on the front of the parcels (with a smaller writing size) while the parcel number is usually located in the center of the parcel.

An example :

You are looking for the well located 50 street of the republic in your municipality.

1) First of all, it is necessary to inform the n ° of lane, the name of the city and the department:




2) The cadastre site then offers you one or more properties corresponding to your search:




In this example, the parcel number is "358" and the name of the section "AK"

3) By validating the choice of this parcel, you can visualize the corresponding cadastral plan and thus refine your search in the case where several parcels would have the same address:



It can be seen in this example that the parcel number "358" is superimposed with the street number "50", however there is a difference in the size of the entries.