Request for mortgage information on a property

In this type of research, the research focuses on a property specifically identified (a plot, a house ...).

We make a Mortgage Inquiry, which will bring you the following:

- the names of the successive owners of the property over the last 50 years.

- existing registered servitudes on the property

- mortgages taken on the property

- the purchase price of the property

- the type / references of deed passed on the good (donation, sale etc ...).

- the elements of publication of the acts.

In the case of a property whose last transfer (sale / donation etc ...) goes back more than 50 years, we will be able to continue the research near the departmental archives.

In order for us to initiate the search, we will need to provide the following information:

- Department of the property

- name of the municipality,

- sections and cadastral numbers or, failing that, mailing address of the property.

- number of the lot if the building is a subdivision or a co-ownership.

In the case of a co-ownership, it is necessary to transmit us the lot of co-ownership on which you wish to make the research.

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You want to know the names of the successive owners of real estate.

45.00 *

Delivery period: 10-15 working days

* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery